how you can dress for your body shape to enhance the way you look

Dressing  to take advantage of Your Body Shape …

the Secret to Looking Sexy Whatever You’re Wearing

As kids, we were often told that our bodies came in different shapes and sizes, and each one was as beautiful as the next. While our parents told us this to get us to stop fighting, there is some element of truth in this, and it’s a truth that will help you to look sexier now you’re an adult.

Each woman, young or old, has a different type of body shape which requires you to choose the clothing that accentuates it. Whether you have fabulous legs or a bust to die for, it’s worthwhile to learn how to improve your appearance by dressing for your figure.

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Identifying Your Body Type

A woman’s body can be identified as being one of four different types. If you don’t yet know which type you are, keep reading to discover it.

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Hourglass Body Shape

The hourglass is the most commonly known of all body types, yet is the rarest by some margin. Just eight percent of women have an hourglass body, the type of body famously compared to a Coke bottle.
Hourglass bodies will have a narrower waist, with equal-sized bottoms and busts. Women with this fabulously feminine body type should dress to flatter their curves, They tend to stand out and attract attention.

Apple Body Shape

This type is categorized by a top heavy appearance, whereby the bust is three times larger than the hips. Women with this particular body type should emphasize their breasts and seek to draw attention away from a narrow waist. Fourteen-percent of women have an apple shaped body.

Straight Body Shape

The straight body type is exactly what its namesake suggests. Women with this body shape can take a picture of themselves and draw a relatively straight line the whole way down both sides of their body. These women have waists the same size as their hips, so should do more to add curves to their appearance by picking ruffles or frills.

Pear Body Shape

The pear body shape is the most common for women, with nearly forty percent fitting the specification. Pear body shapes are categorized by a bottom heavy appearance, with the hips being on average twice as large as the bust. Pear bodies have the choice of accentuating their bottoms with their clothes, or choosing items that make them look smaller.

The Inverted Triangle or Wedge Body Shape

The wedge body shape is categorized flat chested and top-heavy. It’s the broadness of the shoulders that defines the shape more than the broadness of your chest. The side on silhouette hero’s your shoulders and the front-on silhouette hero’s your chest. The Wedge’s body shape best asset is the chest area, in particular the clavicle bone and broad shoulders.

When Wedge’s body shape are dressing, they should focus on broadening out the hips, wear clothes that flares out from the hips, like circles and box pleats, while narrowing at the waist.

What to do Next

Now you better understand your body type, you can apply what you know to dress for your bodyshape, and adopt styles that you will love to show off.

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As soon as you see how fantastic you look in clothes that better suit you, you’ll wish you had found out this secret years ago.


by Cherry Deo

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