Gothic Fashion and Style

Goths love to dress on the darker side of the grey color spectrum – 256 shades of dark grey.

The clothing worn by Goths was typically dark-colored and featured elements such as lace, leather, fishnet stockings, corsets and religious or occult-themed jewelry. Both male and female Goths also often kept their skin very pale and wore black fingernail polish, thick eyeliner, and dyed black hair.

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a selected range of gothic dresses, from day-to-day goth dresses to elegant evening dresses, to make a statement.

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Black can be combined with other colors, like red or purple to create a more dramatic and mysterious look. Velvet, leather, silk, feathers and lace are almost often present in the long dresses or corsets typically worn by people who love and wear this style.

As Gothic fashion developed in the 1980s and 1990s, components of clothing from those time periods were added … ruffled high collars, open lacy sleeves, and stovepipe hats.

These elements are taken from the Victorian culture of mourning. As a sign of respect when someone close to them died, mourners in the Victorian age were required to wear all black for a specified amount of time—the closer the relationship to the deceased, the longer the period of mourning. Some mourning periods even lasted up to 18 months.

Now that’s a lot of black clothing!

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Because of these lengthy mourning periods, many historians believe that the Victorians had an “unhealthy” fascination with death. Contemporary Gothic fashion embraced the idea of dressing on the dark side, seeing that style as a statement of the balance of horror and romanticism in life.

Contrary to popular belief, at the beginning, the Gothic style didn’t find inspiration in the dark and morbid but rather in the romanticism of the Victorian period. The fashion of that era was so beautiful, glamorous and inspiring. The corsets, long skirts, delicate gloves, hats, lace up boots and feminine jewelry. The outfits had such a romantic feel to them.

Current style icons such as Dita Von Teese and even Victoria Beckham demonstrate the beauty and elegance of Gothic fashion with their sleek, dark outfits and flawless makeup. They also do not shy away from a little pop of color every now and then. Like style maven Dita Von Teese, believes that while looking sleek and sophisticated in black, a little bit of red lipstick never hurt a girl.

Most people associate Goth with darkness, destruction and death but the concept represents so much more. From a historic point of view it all started as a post-Punk movement of the late 1970s. The separation between the two was not political but rather a natural creation of a subculture for those that didn’t find their place into the Punks lifestyle and created Goth as an alternative, representing a state of mind, something they were rather then something that they wanted to be.

Alternative Gothic Clothing embraces a dark color pallet and uses bold jewelry and other accessories as a statement. The shoes are a big part of the allure for me: boots, huge platforms, stilettos, creepers – they are all very distinctive and a trademark of Goth!

Goth is not about being cool or different, or something you decide to be – it’s about something you already are, an expression of individuality