2017 Fashion trends change often and rapidly. Each of the four seasons, opens the door to fashion trends exciting and new fashion, Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter introduces new colors.

With the latest fashion trends, expect to see earthy tones in the fall, jeweled colors for holidays, the pastels of flowers in early spring, and refreshing white for the summer.

The design and merchandising departments appraise the latest fashion trends for coming seasons. They rely on creating a new line using feedback collected by professional agencies.

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Fashion trends are affected by the current prices and price forecasts of certain materials. Fashion can also be greatly affected by popular cultures and sub cultures.

Different fashion trends are influenced during their development in several ways, but this happens mostly from designers presenting their new designs at fashion. Such trends also surface from celebrity impacts and the manner in which they dress.


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Different cultures also influence fashion trends as many individuals across the globe are searching for the most exciting trends at the correct seasons. Fashion Design and art influence fashion trends too, since people want to become more unique and creative with what they would like to wear.

These fashion styles usually change each season, time, or year. Things that impact fashion trends throughout their development periods include the following: celebrities, art, fashion, economy and technology, designers, media, and mindset. Actually, many fashion trends are mostly inspired by designers since they play a key role while it comes to generating the clothing ideas.