Winter season is all about stepping out in luxurious textures, bold colors and time-honoured silhouettes. Winter style embraces experimenting with different personas, classic feminine figures and archetypes. Whether your flannel is a throwback to a simpler time, or you prefer to lounge in your best furs, this season’s fashion is sure to inspire new attitudes and perspectives.

During the dark days of winter, you may be tempted to throw on whatever will get you through a rainy day. Spruce up your look by adding these warm and practical accessories. Choose bright, colorful styles to add a pop of color and upgrade your look in flash. On especially cold mornings, it can be super hard to drag yourself out of bed. Combat a case of the blahs by treating your wonderful self.

This can take the form of a pear chocolate breakfast muffin with honey butter… Or an especially cute outfit. Looking good can have a tremendous benefit to your mood, and give you the radiant glow of confidence. Here are some of our favorite styles to look and feel brilliant.

There is a reason layering is always on-trend in the winter: It’s a massively practical way to dress when it’s really cold. So don’t be afraid to pile on the layers. A turtleneck, under a sweater, under a jacket, under a coat, for instance, will definitely keep you warm. So will a dress or skirt over a pair of pants. Great winter style really boils down to a great pair of boots.

Show them off pairing them with a short dress. Have killer ankle boots? pair them with cuffed jeans or a dress. And if it’s snowing and you are forced to wear less than fashionable snow boots? Use them as a jumping off point to put together a great new inventive outfit, rather than just throwing them on with just anything.

Your first instinct in the winter is to splurge on a pair of boots or a coat, but you also hunt high and low for the winter hat of your dreams. Scarves can be worn in many more ways than simply wrapped around your neck, and winter is the perfect time to experiment.