Summer Fashion Trends and Temperatures in the dog days of summer might be higher than any other time of year, but life keeps rolling. You still need to dress for work, social occasions and casual parties.

However, you don’t want to burn up on your commute, find yourself unprepared for office or feel uncomfortable during your night out. Finding an appropriate work outfit during the dog days of summer isn’t ideal, but there are many everyday fabrics that will allow your body to breathe. Cotton is an overwhelming favorite for the hottest or most humid days. Chambray, woven from cotton, is typically a finer fabric that is great in the heat and also has a distinct, fashionable look. Rayon or natural fibers like linen are also fine options for humid weather. Just keep an eye out for blended fabrics. Clothes are typically labeled as one fabric even though that fabric is a mere percentage of the overall design.

Whatever fabric you plan to wear, you can always take it down a few degrees by choosing lighter colors over darker shades. Light colors do a better job of deflecting sunlight rather than absorbing heat. Not only will lighter colors allow your skin to breathe, when combined with a lighter fabric such as chambray or linen, they will also dry faster in case you experience some perspiration or get caught in the rain. Beating the heat is one thing, but shielding yourself from the sun is an entirely different obstacle.

Put on a stylish hat or sunglasses during your morning commute or when going out for lunch. Just remember that most people consider it respectful to remove hats and shades when entering the building. Summer can be pretty unbearable for those of us unaccustomed to scorching temperatures and higher humidity. With knowledge of the lighter options available, you can turn your wardrobe around just in time for the hottest weeks of the year.