Styling hacks
Celebs and style bloggers somehow put together things you never thought would go to create totally fresh, next-level looks using the same pieces. To score the same next level-style just follow these easy tips for making any outfit instantly cooler.

A midi skirt looks super cute with plaid shirt . Tying it in the middle will show off rather than hide your shape and give you a more polished look. Layer a turtleneck underneath to keep your belly from showing when it’s chilly out. Undo the bottom three buttons and tie the shirt tails into a knot. Tighten so the knot hits just above your belly button and knot again. Straighten the ends so it sits where you want.

Cuffs on skinny jeans look best on the smaller side, because they keep the streamlined look of the fitted pants. Make the cuffs about a half-inch wide and only roll them twice. When it comes to the baggier style of jeans, it’s less about cuffing and more about rolling. You want to keep the casual vibe of the jeans intact, and the looser, bulkier fabric works well with a messier cuff.

One ring is cute; eight is even cuter. But how do you make different sizes and styles of rings look cool and edgy and not like you’re a preschooler who got in her mom’s jewelry box? It’s all about placement and how you stack the different styles.