Spring fashion trends means lighthearted combinations of youthful styling and mature elements will balance spring’s most audacious fashion and beauty trends. Embrace the wave of optimistic options, including shiny high-watt accessories, soft pink colors and nude lipsticks.

Now’s the perfect time to experiment with sneakers and dresses, casual slip-ons and suits, mules and business clothes, if you haven’t already. This season more brands are hoping you’ll wear colorful lines from neck to heel. Typically spring is all about the colors. This year, we’re loving that metallics are on the upswing.

If you’re not ready to take the plunge on that silver midi skirt or gold blazer, an easy way to incorporate this trend into your existing wardrobe is with your accessories — think shoes and handbags. Pastels are hot for spring, but light pink hues in particular are popping up everywhere this season. To keep the pink overload from becoming too girly, pair it with some tomboy-inspired pieces like a camo jacket or converse.

Something else worth mentioning is the widespread appeal of comfortable items. High-waisted has replaced so low you cant bend your knees. Culottes and cropped wide legs have replaced so skinny tight it threatens your circulation. And everyone is making stylish shoes designed for comfort, even if that particular c-word has always been a footwear kiss of death among young shoppers who equate comfort shoes with mortality.

This season are full of styles paired with flats and low-heels designed to embody edgy, not dowdy. One of the top accessories for spring should be sunglasses. Look for an increase in metal frames and mixed-media items that include metal and plastic for a look that’s less bulky that recent trends in huge shades. To complement understated lips, you might want to play around with vibrant eyeliner and mascaras.