It’s that time of year when we move everything “summer” out of our closets to make room for everything “fall.” Let’s start with the ruffles and velvet, it’s a hauntingly romantic kind of season. Sometimes the romance turns dark. it’s also a print season, the season is floaty as well or lacy, Like so many of this fall’s folksy, flouncy chiffon dresses , they’re exquisite.

Then you remember that you don’t do sprigs, or dresses, and maybe you haven’t worn florals or flounces for two decades. That shouldn’t be a lifelong pass; the right floral or flounce may be the rogue atom that revitalizes your entire closet.

This season, try a silky, cuff-hemmed jogging pant with heels and a tailored jacket. Meanwhile, trainers, tuxedos, and crystals are now a classic trope for evening. Who said dressing up can’t be effortless? From florals to stripes, scarf ties to lace inserts, metallics to ruffled yokes.

The statement blouse is becoming the transformer trigger for many women: that key piece that’s making a tailored jacket redundant but certainly works beautifully with it. Wear it with jeans or tweeds for a sensual but edgy option and a satin skirt or culottes to take you from a fashion party through to the most elegant setting.