How you can dress for your body shape and enhance the way you look

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how you can dress for your body shape
Find a style that flatters your body shape. It’s important to know your body shape … every woman should, then you will be able to choose and dress in clothes that better fit and flatter your body shape.

Assess and embrace your body type
Body shape is related to the ratio or your proportions, and style is all about dressing those proportions to make you look your very best.

Body shape is not about height and weight … it is all about shape. A slender lady can have the same body shape as a curvy lady, and a tall woman can have the same body shape as a shorter lady.

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Each one of us is unique, with a unique body shape, which fall into one of five basic categories … pear, wedge, rectangle, apple and hourglass. While you may fall into one category, it is possible to be a blend more than one category.

So, it is important to correctly determine your body shape. From there you can have fun discovering which fashion trends and dress styles to embrace and which dress styles to avoid.

Simply stand in front of the mirror, or take some selfies and make a correct assessment of your body shape.

Now you can start making these fashion tips work to your advantage … enjoy dressing in the style that better suits you 🙂

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Pear body shape

Wedge body type

Rectangle body shape

Apple body shape

Hourglass body type