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The fascination with retro and vintage clothing among young people may be baffling. In an age when newer is better, many people are choosing to wear outdated apparel seems counterintuitive. The terms vintage and retro are often used to describe a fashion from the past.

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article by our young fashion design writer HannaChat

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hannachat-fashion design writer … dress with style on a budget. How you can dress cheaply, and still look smart and stylish.

photo Paolo Cavalli … HannaChat when she was even younger

Vintage and retro, not to be confused with grunge (oversized sweaters and flannel shirts) brings us back a few decades. The term vintage usually refers to garments from or inspired by the 1920s, although people do use it to describe anything old, through to the 1980s.

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Grunge refers to 90s trends, but there are commonalities between vintage and grunge. Both styles can be found at secondhand shops, the grunge at more economical prices.

There seems to be a desire and nostalgia for wearing clothes from another period, an escape from contemporary stresses. If you’re not a vintage-wearer, you may be wondering why anyone would not want to present themselves as a modish work of living art by choosing to dress in the smartest, most chic outfits.

While not everyone appreciates the vintage trend, the inspirations behind it is understandable. Before you label the next girl you see sporting an embroidered chiffon dress as a hipster or poser, consider the historical stylish implications of the outfit.

A group of model dressed in 1940s and ’50s style, by fashion designers of New Orleans, wearing dresses with cinched waists, pencil skirts and blouses and accessories with hats and gloves.

They just walk around the town, passer bys all seemed to notice how they were dressed so stylishly in vintage and retro. “We received a lot of compliments,” said one of the model. “I love the style, It’s a feminine look with a lot more grace and style than a hoodie sweatshirt and Ugg boots.”