Famous Fashion designers – Coco Chanel

Famous Fashion designers – Coco Chanel

Everyone in high fashion seems to know the name Chanel … a name synonymous with sophistication and glamour. She’s the designer, who single-handedly freed women from corsets and the constrictions of elaborate, ornate clothes; she created the sexy and iconic little black dress.

Coco Chanel, famous fashion designer
As far as her self-proclaimed independence, it came at great emotional cost. Throughout her life, she longed for love. Without love, without a man, she said, a woman was lost. Despite having had many lovers, she had no lasting companion. She died a lonely, bitter woman.

Chanel reigned from the heights of international fashion.

In the 1910s, when she began her career, customers had their pick among about forty designers, and few showed brand loyalty.

In Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and in newspaper ads, fashions were illustrated by drawings, rather than photographs; a fashion spread could feature four or five different designers. Chanel’s outfits did not stand out particularly-in fact, without knowing what fashions were by Chanel, it’s hard to distinguish her creations from those of other designers.

Fashion writers saw something special about her style, a youthfulness and elegance that were evoked partly by the clothing, and greatly by Chanel hers.
Chanel’s popularity helps us understand tensions in women’s changing identity in the 1920s, when she became indelibly famous.

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