dress with style on a budget

How you can dress cheaply, and still look smart and stylish.

That is a question I am often asked, as most of my friends are young and have a very limited budget.

dress with style on a budget – hannachat and ezekiel

as usual first check your bodyshape .. click here for a free guide to assess your bodyshape

Determine what occasion, you want to dress for work, casual, cocktail party, in this case we’ll discuss for work, smart casual.

summer sale fashion on a budgetWork out what you need, select basic colours so you can easily and at little cost expand your wardrobe to mix and match.

so, an example of the list can be …
A black pair of pants
A white tank top
Plain black shoes
A Cardigan black or burgundy

Plain dark colours that you can easily mix and match. Don’t buy wild colours, neutral colors, jewel tones, and earth tones. Those colors tend to look richer; neons and brights tend not to.


Look for soft, fluid fabrics that skim the body.
Short + tight + shiny = cheap-looking, no matter how much you spend.

Again plain, simplicity in design. Look for bags, the less hardware, logos, and branding, the smarter your bag will look.

dress with style on a budget

Wait for the sales
Now that your list is ready, plan to buy, when the sales are on. The prices seem to drop dramatically to more than 50% off. I’ve bought $89.00 pants for $12.00. A good Quality Tops for $6, A stylish cardigan $7

Have a little extra left over from your budget

Find a good seamstress, she can make a $15 dress look $300 … pretty and practical details like good buttons, functioning pockets, and nice, flat seams.

I’m sure this will help you to look smart at work, while keeping the cost down to your budget.

fashion design writer-hannachat

hannachat-fashion design writer … dress with style on a budget. How you can dress cheaply, and still look smart and stylish.

hannachat dress fashion on a budget

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